Uganda Government Disbands Major Tourism Agencies

UWA,UTB disbranded

Yesterday on the 11th of September 2018 the government of Uganda through its Minister of Information Frank Tumwebaza issued a statement of disbanding some major parastatals and supplementary bodies and merging them into the ministry they fall in.

The government says the integration of these agencies is intended to improve service delivery efficiency, harmonize salaries and cut down on wasteful expenditure. The decision came into validity during the national state dress on Sunday night where President Museveni as he said that they will be a review of government structure and merging some agencies into their respective ministries was one of them.

Among a total of 153 agencies, commissions and authorities that were reviewed, some major tourism related agencies did not miss on the list. Tourism agencies like Uganda tourism board (UTB), Uganda wildlife authority whose roles were to market Uganda as a tourism destination and also to protect the wildlife with in the country respectively were integrated into the ministry of tourism, wildlife and antiquities and thus losing their autonomy to make operations and decisions on their own. The other two disbanded tourism agencies were Island chimpanzee sanctuary and the Uganda wildlife education trust.

However, the disbandment that they will lose their mandate of doing tourism related activities. They will still operate but under the ministry of tourism. Their premises and operation offices are still in existence. It was just a shakeup in management