The Forest Resort – Lweza

The Forest Resort in Lweza, is a new place in town where the big boys meet. While you are at the place, there is a feeling of luxury and yet it is affordable. The...
How to Prepare Chicken Luwonbo

Easy Recipe on How To Prepare a Uganda Traditional Chicken Luwombo

Chicken luwombo is a Ugandan delicacy which is much honored and usually prepared on very special traditional occasions but most especially traditional marriage ceremonies. We present you with a Uganda guide on how to...

Cooking Matooke- Uganda’s Main Staple Food

Matooke is a plantain and it belongs to the carbohydrate group of food. It is a staple food for mainly people who live in the Central, western and South-western regions of Uganda. It was mostly...
tes and fly Covid19 Lab kampala

Test and Fly COVID 19 Laboratory set in Kampala Uganda

A fast and accredited COVID 19 testing and scanning laboratory has been set up in Kampala by renowned international laboratory service operators, Microhaem Laboratories in partnership with the Ministry of Health and National Aviation...
New 4x4 Landcruiser Jeep

Buying a Car in Uganda

The process of buying a car in Uganda can be understood differently by each individual and there is no definite way to define it. What you know as the right thing to do might...
debate over east africa passport

East African Passport?!

On plans to introduce the new East African electronic passport to replace the current passports, the Ministry of Internal Affairs says the ordinary passport with 48 and 64 pages will cost Shs250,000 and Shs300,000...
FLyover- kampala clock tower plan

Uganda to Remove and Renovate The Queen’s Clock Tower

Uganda National Road Authority is in contention to remove and renovate the historical Queen’s Clock Tower to get more space for the ongoing construction of the new Kampala express flyover. The plan was reached on...

The Evolution of Money in Uganda

The evolution of money in Uganda reflects a transition from traditional forms of exchange to modern currency systems. Here is an overview of the major stages in the evolution of money in Uganda: The Barter...
miss uganda to be tourism ambassador

Beauty Queen to Become Tourism Ambassador For Uganda

There are been a lot of tussling with in the Uganda tourism sector of who should be the tourism ambassador of Uganda. the key figures that have been coming like Zari Hassan the socialite...

The Triplets Ghetto Kids’ Golden Buzzer Performance at BOT

The Triplets Ghetto Kids yesterday experienced a night to remember after their performance  on Britain's Got Talent prompted judge Bruno to hit the golden buzzer midway their act. Fellow judge Simon Cowell mentioned that,...