Emirates reveals sky lounge


Well we all know that we are in the month of April where by one of its date is regarded as fools’ day around the grove. On 1st April 2018 on Easter Sunday, Emirates a Dubai based air carrier brand took it on twitter to mention that it was bringing a new experience thereby revealing that it was bringing a sky lounge in 2020. This is what it posted on its twitter “Emirates reveals sky lounge, the most exclusive onboard lounge to be introduced on its Boeing 777X fleet from 2020. A completely transparent lounge with unmatched aerial views and unparalleled luxury. Emirates sky lounge promises window views like no other”.

Most people fell for the prank as they got so excited about the upcoming innovation on the emirates aircrafts though a few section who had witnessed their last year prank of introducing the world’s largest commercial aircraft. The Triple Decker APR001 comprising of a swimming pool, games room, gym and park. They were in a rush to vociferously say that it was another prank pulled on fool’s day.