First Direct flight from Israel lands at Entebbe Airport


Since 1976 when the Air France Plane was hijacked by the Palestine insurgents forcing them to land at Entebbe International Airport, this is the first time another direct flight from Israel to land at Entebbe international Airport.

This chartered plane was carrying a group of 230 Israel internationals who are in for their remarkable three day tour in a view of experiencing part of Uganda’s offered charm combining sightseeing, wildlife, adventure, culture, local life experience and more.

Highlighting in detail about this terrific visit, their group leader and trip organizer “Tali Yativ” said that there are more delighted to explore some of Uganda’s alluring natural features and this is the opening door for many Israel tourists to Uganda.

There three day tour in Uganda included a visit to several tourist sites like Murchison Falls National Park in the North western part of Uganda for the stunning waterfalls and a great bit of its Wildlife including Wild animals like African Big Fives, impala, Kobs, Waterbucks, spotted hyenas and more.

After a visit to the Jewish community in Mbale, it ended in Jinja town with a stunning White water rafting experience along the waters of River Nile.

A comment from Uganda Tourism Board, the CEO “Stephen Asimwe” said that this opportunity is not only beneficial to the tourism sector but rather to the entire country adding it that this is a major boasting factor to the high numbers of Israel tourists to Uganda.

Asimwe added on that this exposure is a great addition to Uganda’s tourism sector and there are hoping for more tourists both from Israel and other parts of the World.

This three day exciting tour ended on 16 February 2019, in their last interview at the airport they really appreciated for what Uganda offers including nature, Wildlife, favorable climate, welcoming locals and quality services offered by the service providers.