Museveni cracks jokes with Israel Tourists at Chobe Safari Lodge


Last Friday, president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni arrived at the five star resort to attend The NRM Central Executive Committee five-day retreat, where they will among others, discuss issues of ideology and the politico-economic direction of the country.

Addressing the retreat opening session earlier, President Museveni noted that the stability ushered in by the NRM had enabled sectors like tourism grow immensely.

He noted that lodges like Chobe, Para and Mweya had been vandalized and abandoned before 1986, but were now robust and making profits.

With his day spent at Chobe Safari Lodge, he also used this opportunity to meet the group of 250 Israel internationals who dropped in for a three day tour with Murchison Falls National Park being their main highlight.

More Photos emerged when the present is interacting with these tourists who were enjoying the cool associated environment at Chobe accompanied by nice stunning views of the area, with their smiling faces exhibited it seems to be an interesting story said by the President.

After that he further arranged a simple meeting with the team leaders who organized this trip for the 250 Israelites internationals with a direct flight from Israel to Uganda for the first time since 1976.

The President also appreciated to staff at Chobe Safari lodge for the good services offered to several clients which turns it to be an exciting cool place to stay while in the North western part of Uganda.