Tigers brought to Entebbe zoo

Tiger at UWEC
Tiger in a Cage at Uganda Wildlife Education Centre

Today we saw two tigers being brought into the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre formerly known as the Entebbe zoo.

The two tigers were introduced into one of the oldest zoos in Africa to pull more people into this tourist place. From the 1960s to 1980, the tigers and   the brown bears were part of the pile of exotic animals that existed in the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre. However, these were no more in the later years as they succumbed to death due to natural causes. Today on Thursday 26/11/2020, the tigers have been reintroduced in Uganda Wildlife Education Centre as a way of attracting more tourists to the place. The two tigers were brought in from South Africa who were given 20 monkeys in exchange. It was more of a barter trade engagement which benefitted both parties as they got species that were lacking in their respective wildlife places.

The Uganda wildlife education centre has lots of cat species in its cages for instance lions, leopards and cheetah but they did not have what is regarded as the biggest cat in the world the tiger and therefore the introduction of the tigers in the area is a very remarkable achievement. The children and people at large will be able to come up close and personal with the tigers when they visit Uganda’s only wildlife eductation centre in Entebbe.

It is a very big boost for the tourism and recreation centre that has been seriously wrecked up by the covid-19 pandemic which has seen the number of visitors or clients decline drastically