Floods Alert at The Paraa Dock Murchison Falls National Park


In the past few days, there has been floods alert at the Nile water in paara, the water way or bridge that leads to Murchison falls national park in Uganda. This has been announced by various popular tourism entities like Uganda wildlife Authority (UWA) and Association of Uganda Tour Operators (AUTO) on their social media platforms and the people have been at the place in the recent days.

The water levels on river Nile have risen and submerged the ferry point at Paraa Murchison falls National Park. It is hard for cars to enter the ferry and also crossover. Also the small bridge of Tangi was washed away which was the only hope for travelers. This has been caused the heavy rains that have been showering around the country and this areas being dominated by the main water source of the country, it flooded.

This water way or bridge is used by thousands of people on a daily basis and it has caused panic around the area since people are stuck. This bridge is used by tourists leading to the national park and also local people and business men traversing to areas in the West Nile/ Albertine region.

Today we got to know that the situation has been slightly rectified as the water level have been going done due to the hard efforts put up by the concerned authorities.

This is what Uganda wildlife Authority, a government body responsible for managing and monitoring all national parks and other protected areas in the country posted on its social media about sobering up the situation, “Nile waters at Paraa have reduced to ordinal levels but part of the ferry still on land so crossing is still a problem. Our team on the ground is working around the clock to have it back in the water. More updates will be coming your way”.