Save Murchison Falls Campaign Takes Another Twist.


Early this year, news broke out that there would be a construction of hydroelectricity dam on Murchison falls.  Stakeholders in the tourism and conservation industry didn’t take it lightly since Murchison falls is one of the star attractions in Murchison falls national park. They started out a campaign “Save Murchison Falls”

Some of the well-established entities and people tried to confide the government of Uganda about the project. The government claimed that it was just a mere rumor spread by media houses who want to make a name.  It further stated it was just a suggestion brought out in an attempt to generate more electricity for the people of Uganda but the suggestion was so substantial.

The campaign took a standoff as they thought the plan of demolishing of the Murchison falls to establish dam was buried and casted. However in the recent weeks, the rumors resurfaced and an online petition signing to save Murchison falls from being demolished was started by the public.

Yesterday, The minister of energy Irene Muloni intensified the whole situation by coming up with a statement that a team of experts had made a feasibly study around the Murchison falls area and came into a conclusion that Murchison falls will not be affected by the construction of the dam since the dam was to be set up on Uhuru falls, water fall adjacent to Murchison falls. She said that Murchison falls was 25km part away from Uhuru falls where the dam was to be constructed.

The statement the minister made seemed like a joke to the public. Many people lamented that Murchison and Uhuru falls are closely connected and if one is destroyed so does the other. There is no way a dam could be constructed on Uhuru falls and Murchison falls remains in its natural form.

The save Murchison falls campaign has geared up in full sign as thousands and thousands of people have signed the petition and popular figures in the tourism industry have aired out their discontent.