Rhino conservation in Uganda Bettering


Uganda has embarked on a mission of bringing back the rhinos to its bio diversity areas. The conservation gears have been in full gear. We saw the establishment of Zziwa Rhino sanctuary in the 1990s and earlier this year, it was announced that there will be a translocation of rhinos in Ajai wildlife reserve in northern Uganda.

Rhinos are one of the critically endangered species in the world. These huge wild mammals are threatening to extinct in the forthcoming time if not conserved and preserved. The rhinos are only found in few natural locale in Africa. These normally habituate in the savannah plains of Africa. In Africa, the rhinos are found in the wild in South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia and a few found in Uganda.

Uganda was one of those countries with the rhinos but they were majorly depleted by the civil wars that occurred in northern Uganda where they were inhabited. These rhinos were found in Ajai wildlife reserve and in some parts of Albertine region.

In the past year, Uganda has been working so hard to conserve and preserve the rhinos through the Zziwa Rhino Sanctuary which is located in Nakasongola district on your way to northern Uganda (Murchison falls nations falls). The rhinos are part of the big five animals which are one of the most sought after tourism attractions in Africa.

Through Rhino Fund Uganda, six White Rhinos have been breed to total of 32 Rhinos. According to Mrs. Genade who is also the executive director of Rhino Fund says it out of passion and love for nature that she decided to take on the project.

Genade adds that this has not come without challenges, the major challenge being lack of funds to run the sanctuary. “We would have loved to improve the roads within the sanctuary for example and pay our workers much more.” she says.