Gorilla census Result in Bwindi soon out


Mountain gorillas are endangered species of animals with a total of only about 1000 in the world according to the last census. Bwindi impenetrable national park in the southwest of Uganda is one of the two only isolated natural habitats of mountain gorillas in the world.

Bwindi is said to be a home to almost a half of the total population of gorillas in the whole world with about 420 individuals recorded to its name.

There has been an ongoing population census of mountain gorillas by conservation experts. These have been in the tropical rainforests of bwindi for a good period of time trying to put together the number of gorillas in the forests.

The sweep method has been used in the gorilla census where by experts search for fresh signs of gorilla and the number of nests and foot prints in forest for unhabituated and then added to the already known number of the habituated gorillas.

The census activity takes months to come up with accomplished work and on 16th of December 2020 the results will be out for the concluded census of gorillas in Bwindi. We are very optimistic that there will be an increase in the number because the conservation activity has been going on perfectly and also we have seen numerous births of gorillas in bwindi.