KCCA Calls off Annual Street Festival

KCCA carnival cancelled

The Kampala city festival street carnival had become so popular among Ugandans and other people around the world who enjoy carousing. This carnival arguably the most famous festival in Uganda has been taking place in the last four years in the month of October within the week before the celebration of the Uganda independence day of 9th October. It has been graced by very many people in Uganda due to the activities that take place during event.

In this event Kampala becomes is designed with epic sights and sounds and lively musical performance from different local musicians, the streets of Kampala found with revelers donned in flamboyant fashion designs and dancers on show as they spin whirl and twirl to mesmeric beast of celebrations. The aforementioned is complemented with barbeque spots and also drink kiosks awaiting for revelers to visit them.

Unfortunately this city festival has been called off! At the press conference this morning at city house, Kampala City Council Authority (KCCA) announced that there will be no street fanfare in the annual celebration that painted the city. According to KCCA, this year, they will focus sponsor’s contribution to corporate social responsibility (CSR) cause. KCCA executive director, Jenifer Musisi stated that the money from the proceedings will go towards rehabilitation of the schools. “We shall start with reroofing Nakivubo blue and Nakivubo settlement primary school and also build a maternity ward at Kiswa health care”.