Nyege Nyege Festival Cancelled

nyege nyege festival cancelled

The famous Nyege Nyege festival that was due to happen is cancelled by the minister of ethics and integrity Father Lukondo in an open letter. In his letter, he cited promotion of homosexuality through the festival as the main reason for calling it off. In Uganda, same sex relationship are prohibited by law and it is a capital offence.  The Nyege Nyege festival was to happen within this week starting from 6th of September 2018 to 9th of September 2018.

Nyege Nyege festival is one of the international carnivals celebrated in Uganda. Thousands of people of various nations come to Uganda to celebrate culture and diversity. It is normally a 3 days carnival that takes place in Jinja the city where the source of the Nile is located during this festival people camp in an open ground  where they hangout to talk about different cultural norms of different worlds, drink, dance and also musical performances are done by different artists from different countries. The most exhibited culture is the Rastafarian culture that is taken to be so cool by very many people around due to the fact people who believe in it seem to be free spirited.