Entebbe Airport Limits People Due to COVID19

Entebbe Air[port limits number of People due to Covid19

Entebbe Airport has put up a directive limiting the number of people getting into its premises as a way of combating and preventing the growing scourge of covid19.

on the 18th December 2020, The Uganda Civil Aviation Authority, a body responsible for the managing airport transport in Uganda and Entebbe International Airport issued a document setting out guidelines to prevent the spread of covid19 at the airport. This came in an awake of the growing number of covid19 victims in Uganda and the country has now reached the fourth stage of the pandemic. Entebbe International Airport is regarded as one of the number one epicenters of  covid19 since the virus is international. Therefore the Civil Aviation Authority has to put up stringent measures to prevent  the spread of the corona virus during this festive season where the influx of travelers at the airport is likely to be immense.

The notable measures set at Entebbe International Airport were three in a black and white document which was released at the different social media platforms of Uganda civil Aviation Authority. let’s quick jot them down for you.

Starting from 19 December 2020, arriving and departing passengers at the airport will only be picked and dropped off by only two people and these will include the driver. Above that number, the car will not be allowed at the premises of the airport

The second and third guidelines are the departing passengers at the airport will have to present a negative covid19 PCR test issued within 120hours from the time of the sample test was taken. And also the incoming passenger will also bring out a negative covid19 PCR test within 120hours of the time of the testing.

The management of Entebbe international Airport is very combative and strict at implementing the guidelines put up to stop the spread of covid19.