Uganda Tourism Police to Beef up Security on All Tourist Spots


The uganda tourism police has been deployed to protect known leisure spots and hotels that are famous points for tourist and high end people. This has been put in action due to last week’s terror attack on Dusit hotel in Kenya.

“Both uniformed and non-uniformed officers will be put in place at the entrances and exits of popular hangouts in the various towns that hold a big number of tourists”, the deputy spokesman for Kampala metropolitan police Mr. Luke Owoyesigyire said

The tourism police in Uganda is a division under the counter terrorism directorate and has mainly been extending their services in protecting the major tourist sites in Uganda like the national game parks.

Mr. Owoyesigyire said that tourism place will take over security of all the popular tourist spots to make sure that they are protected from terrorists. People going into these places will be checked at the entrance and should cooperate with both the uniformed and non-uniformed cops when solicited for.

The beefing up and tightening up of security at these tourist spots came as a result of the last week terror attack in Kenya.  In the afternoon of last Tuesday, Al Shabaab terrorists bombarded one high end hotel Dusit D2 and a business complex in Nairobi the capital of Kenya with guns and explosives and killed 21 people including the tourists who were staying at the hotel and also injuring a large number of people. The Kenya police came and neutralized the then appalling situation.

On Aljazeera a global news TV, the Al Shabaab a terror group that has distorted peace in Somalia for over 3 decades claimed to be responsible for the plight.

The Al Shabaab has been making attacks on both Kenya and Uganda in the past few years. Some of the terror attacks that preceded in the past year are the Westgate shopping mall in Kenya that claimed numerous lives and also the famous world cup 2010 terror attack on Uganda where people were bombed while watching the grand finale of football top prize at Ethiopian village restaurant in Kabalagala and Kyadondo rugby club at Lugogo.