tes and fly Covid19 Lab kampala

Test and Fly COVID 19 Laboratory set in Kampala Uganda

A fast and accredited COVID 19 testing and scanning laboratory has been set up in Kampala by renowned international laboratory service operators, Microhaem Laboratories in partnership with the Ministry of Health and National Aviation...

Strict COVID 19 Guidelines Set for Passengers at all Uganda Ports

On the 1st of October 2020, Uganda reopened Entebbe airport the only international airport transport terminal in the country. Also other ports and international borders of Uganda have been opened The ports in Uganda...
gorilla statue

Wildlife Monuments Installed in Kampala to Promote Tourism

In a campaign to promote Uganda’s tourist attractions, a new ball has been brought on court. The Uganda tourism board and Kampala city council authority are installing monuments or statues in Kampala of the...
Entebbe airport reopens

Entebbe International Airport Opens!

The long waiting of reopening of Uganda’s only international airport Entebbe is over. Uganda has opened its international borders today to all travellers coming in and going out of the country. Earlier today, we saw...
FLyover- kampala clock tower plan

Uganda to Remove and Renovate The Queen’s Clock Tower

Uganda National Road Authority is in contention to remove and renovate the historical Queen’s Clock Tower to get more space for the ongoing construction of the new Kampala express flyover. The plan was reached on...

“Gorilla Trekking is Sweeter Than Money”, Sudhir Says

Early this week Uganda's Richest man if not East Africa's richest Sudhir Ruperelia trekked the mountain gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in the Southwest of Uganda. The money banks took a holiday to unwind...
tips of coronavirus for travelers

Travel Tips for Coronavirus

As the terrifying scourge of coronavirus rapidly continues to blow out all over the world. People are living dangerously as the deadly virus keep taking center stage. Quarantine has been staged out in china...

Former Kenya Attorney Tracks Gorillas

The first every Kenya attorney general Charles Njonjo tracked the mountain gorillas in Mgahinga gorilla park on the 19th January 2020. The now 100 year old senior citizen of Kenya wanted to celebrate a century...

UWA Stuff Killed in Conservation Struggles

Sergeant Asasira Philemon was killed on Sunday night during a gun happy moment when they were trying to cub dealers of ivory in Rukungiri District. For many years, The Uganda Wildlife Authority has been on...
debate over east africa passport

East African Passport?!

On plans to introduce the new East African electronic passport to replace the current passports, the Ministry of Internal Affairs says the ordinary passport with 48 and 64 pages will cost Shs250,000 and Shs300,000...