Know Your Wildlife – Chimpanzees in Uganda

What exactly do you think you know about the chimpanzees? We bring you the best of what you might know or ought to know about the chimpanzees in Uganda. The chimpanzee is a species...

The Triplets Ghetto Kids’ Golden Buzzer Performance at BOT

The Triplets Ghetto Kids yesterday experienced a night to remember after their performance  on Britain's Got Talent prompted judge Bruno to hit the golden buzzer midway their act. Fellow judge Simon Cowell mentioned that,...
Swearing in Ceremony at Kololo

What is Happening in Uganda Now

As far as we are concerned, the week started on Monday 10th May 2021. The Uganda Police spokes person announced that there will be strict measures taken by police to enforce the curfew which...
Mountain Gorilla in Bwindi

World Bank Advises Uganda to Change Tourism Strategy

The World Bank has recently advised Uganda to reconsider its tourism strategy, emphasizing the need for a more sustainable and diversified approach. The international financial institution has urged the East African nation to capitalize...

Uganda Celebrates World Wildlife Day

On Sunday 4th March of 2019, world wildlife day was celebrated internationally and Uganda was one of those national that recognized the day. Uganda is dubbed as the pear of Africa because of its plethora...
tips of coronavirus for travelers

Travel Tips for Coronavirus

As the terrifying scourge of coronavirus rapidly continues to blow out all over the world. People are living dangerously as the deadly virus keep taking center stage. Quarantine has been staged out in china...

Mowzey Radio Tombs to Be Turned Into Museum

Earlier last week, the family of the deceased legendary musician Mowzey Radio came out to reveal his tombs were to be transformed into a museum so that the public can openly visit them. Mowzey Radio...
Uganda birding

Uganda Tourism Board Launches a Project to Promote Birding

The Uganda Tourism Board has propelled a campaign to promote birding in Uganda through the conservation and preservation of the country’s rare bird species.  Birding is a popular tourism activity in many eco-tourism destinations...

Life in My City – Kampala

Life can simply mean the way of living, and this is experienced by every single human being on this planet. Each one of us has a different perspective towards life and such differences are...

Uganda Government to buy off Mabira Forest Dwellers

The National Foest Authority (NFA) is progress to buy off 16 village settlements with the Mabira tropical rain forests in Buikwe district. Mbaira is the largest natural forest in uganda but The encroachment by...